Meet our Practitioners

Holly Brocklebank


B.H.Sc Acup., Adv Dip Herbs, Ad.Cert T.P Art Therapy, Registered with AHPRA.

Holly brings her nurturing presence, wisdom and 20 years of experience to the areas of women’s health, fertility, pregnancy and male reproductive health. Holly offers 5 Element, TCM, Esoteric Acupuncture & Meridian tapping for greater balance, resilience and vitality.

Holly is a passionate about activating and empowering her clients in their health and wellbeing In the area of fertility, she assists partners towards optimal health to increase their fertile potential, supports flowing pregnancies and fulfilling births.

Private Health rebates are available.

Emma Strapps

Shiatsu & Auricular therapy

Dip Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies (2002), MA, STAA registered practitioner.

Emma is a highly experienced, professional STAA (Shiatsu Therapy Association of Australia) registered practitioner of over 18 years and holds a Diploma in Shiatsu & Oriental Therapies from The Australian Shiatsu College, Melbourne (2002).

Shiatsu is therapeutic acupressure/massage that utilises acu-points, energy channels (meridian therapy) and stretches to stimulate the circulation of energy throughout the body. Shiatsu takes a holistic approach to treating symptoms as well as root causes. It is a relaxing and invigorating way to reconnect with your body.

Blandine Guillot

Holistic Counselling, Light Shift & Indigenous Herbal Medicine

Diploma of Psychotherapy & Counselling (Metavision Institute), Registered with PACFA. Trained by Minmia for Light Shifts & Herbal preparations.

Holistic Psychotherapy and Counselling is what best qualifies Blandine’s approach with her clients. Body, mind, emotions and environment are all significant dimensions in every counselling session.

Process-oriented psychology and the teachings of Minmia, a local Wiradjuri Elder and healer, are also a significant part of her approach.

Blandine offers consultations in nature.

The light shift or spirit cleanse modality, is a subtle work which helps clear a person’s energy field when emotions such as betrayal, grief, abuse, rejection and much more have been experienced. The light shift helps people feel more grounded, and facilitates reconnection with our higher self, especially when going through challenging times.

Consultations are also available in French.

Elena Plumb


Diploma in Kinesiology from the College of Complementary Medicine.

Elena is passionate about helping people to rise above their challenges and realise their full potential. Offering kinesiology and AromaTouch technique, she provides a safe and nurturing space where you are free to be you.

Kinesiology is a gentle and holistic modality which uses muscle monitoring and various other techniques drawn from eastern and western traditions. It can help us to gain insights into the nature of the stress behind our issues. Often, it’s what we’d least expect. We can then use a range of techniques including acupressure, chakra healing, nutritional support and more to help you return to a state of balance, tap into your innate healing ability and live life to the fullest. Kinesiology may help anyone with any type of complaint, big or small.

Erin Gordon

Hawaiian Spiritual Massage (Lomilomi), Reiki and Chakra Balance

Certified Lomilomi Practitioner with The Blisstitute of Living Aloha

Master Teacher Level Kundalini Reiki with Jo St George

IICT certified practitioner in both modalities.

Erin’s work is about restoring balance, deeply nurturing and unlocking tension or trauma held in the body. Both Lomilomi and Reiki can help shift stagnant energy, relieve pain and lower stress levels.

Lomilomi involves long flowing strokes, stretches and holds to unlock tight muscles, and deeply relax you. Using organic coconut oil over the whole body (excluding genitals),soothing music,and Aloha (unconditional love) Lomilomi transports you to a place of renewal, honour and healing.

Kundalini Reiki involves the therapist placing their hands gently around your clothed body on different energy centres and restoring flow.  Working with Chakras, crystals and essential oils Erin can gain insight into where you may have blocked energy in your body and offers a consultation at the end of the therapy to assist you in moving forward in balance.

As a practitioner Erin’s passion is to hold space for all humans to feel good about themselves, in body, mind and soul.

Bridget Goodwin


Bridget Goodwin has a Diploma in Apitherapy which is a medical treatment using products from the beehive. Apitherapy originated 5000 years ago in Chinese medicine and is widely practised today in Korea, Japan, Turkey, Romania, Russia and Slovenia. Apitherapy is highly prized for its bioavailable natural health benefits as honey, bee pollen, bee venom, propolis, Royal Jelly and all of the bee products have medicinal value. 

Soft Apitherapy includes treatments such as honey massage, skin rejuvenation treatments and inhalation of beehive air. Hard Apitherapy includes live bee stings, known as bee venom therapy (BVT) which is known to benefit inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, cancer, multiple sclerosis, asthma and muscle pain. Combined with herbal medicine and clinical aromatherapy, apitherapy provides beneficial access to many natural medicine treatments for reversing sun damage, treating skin conditions and for better health and wellness.